More I Spy blocks #62-65

It’s been another good week in my sewing. (‘Good’ as a description of productivity has been redefined since the arrival of my baby boy).

I’ve got four more blocks for the I Spy quilt to share with you today.

The ice lollies patch makes me smile every time I look at it. I also love that (thanks to Rowena) I’ve been able to work a teapot into the quilt. It feels very fitting giving my long standing (and often blogged about) tea obsession.

I’ve hit the 64 block target. Now I’m just having fun with the rest of the fabrics Rowena sent me. I wonder how many blocks I’ll end up with?


#59-61 I Spy blocks

Next instalment of I Spy blocks got finished this week. Rowena sent me so many beautiful fabrics I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop myself at 64. I’ll see how I get on.

Here are the three I managed this week:

I particularly love the sea horse

I Spy blocks #55-58

During little boy’s nap time this week I managed to make four more blocks for his I Spy quilt. I’m working my way through the fabrics that Rowena so very very kindly gave me.

I really like the flip flops block. I just think it’s fun. I was also pleased with how well the blue thread coordinated with the speed boat picture.

I’m getting closer to having enough blocks for the quilt. I’m looking forward to deciding the layout. It may take a while 😀.

I Spy quilt progress and a big thank you

This week I managed 4 more blocks for the I Spy quilt I’m making for my new baby son. This is the first sewing I’ve done since he was born and it feels like a massive accomplishment to have done something that wasn’t directly linked to meeting his immediate need/cries. Even though the finished quilt will be for him, getting back in the sewing room feels like doing something for me.

It took lots of short stints during nap times to fussy cut, bondaweb, and applique these four blocks. I’m over the moon to have them done.

These are blocks 51-54 towards this quilt. Getting closer to my goal of 64 all the time.

Huge thank you!

It would not have been possible for me to make these blocks without the amazingly kind and generous donation of the fabrics with the pictures by Rowena. She’s been following my blog and knew I was running out of different fabrics for the images. She very kindly messaged me to offer to send me some from her stash. I’m so so grateful to her for this (especially given the postage problems we encountered). The fabrics are just beautiful and I am really looking forward to showing you the rest of them as I work my way through Rowena’s bundle. THANK YOU!!!!!

Blogging hiatus

Hi all,

I’m going to need to take a short break from blogging while I get used to being a first time mum.

I’m delighted to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful baby boy.

As you might expect, new parenthood has turned my world upside down and I don’t think I’ll be spending much time at my sewing machine for the next few weeks. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I have some fabric finishes to share with you all.

I Spy Blocks 47-50


Four more blocks brings me ever closer to my elusive target of 64 for Pip’s I Spy quilt. These four are also from the discounted fat quarter bundle I picked up at my local quilting group’s February meeting. The farm animal fabric in particular has been incredibly useful for generating lots of blocks. It’s got a great variety of different animal images.

I am specially taken with the dog and robin combination block. Robin’s are a special bird for my husband’s family so it’s nice to include one in the quilt. We have a beloved beagle called Archer who just loves running after birds whenever he gets the opportunity. I couldn’t resist the temptation to format the block as though he was chasing the robin. It just made me smile so much. I’m looking forward to the day I’ll see a little toddler chasing the dog chasing the bird in real life 🙂

Tiny quilts finished

This week I put together a set of seven 10 x 14″ mini quilts for use by premature babies in our local hospital. These were fun, easy things to make.

We were asked to minimise piecing seams and quilting lines to create a smooth surface. The babies will lie on top of the quilts rather than under them so they are more like mattress pads than true quilts I suppose.

I used the bagging out method to assemble them and then just top stitched around the edge to both seal the turning gap and quilt the finished piece.

This was a lovely way to use up leftover batting pieces and some of my stash. Hopefully they’ll be useful and will add some colour and fun for worried parents with their poorly babies. Whilst my little one keeps growing safe inside me and I contemplate becoming a mum, it feels nice to be able to do something for new parents who are having a scary time.

I used different fabrics for each side to give the parents some choice. Here are my two favourite combinations: