I Spy Quilt – Work in progress

In my previous post about this quilt I reported that I had run out of fabrics to feature as pictures. I’m only half way through the numbers of blocks I’ll need so progress has stalled.

Last week the visiting trader at our local Patchworking Group brought along a great selection of discount fat quarters. There were five lovely prints that caught my eye as being good for the I Spy quilt. I have tried to avoid buying a fat quarter just to fuzzy cut a 5″ shape out because it seems so wasteful. However, this time I could justify the purchase because of a wonderful initiative one of our group’s members told us about…

Quilts for premature babies in incubators.

Our local hospital has asked for 10 x 14″ quilts for premature babies to lie on top of in their incubators. They need to be washable at 60 C degrees. They also ideally should not have much (or any) piecing and minimal seams to maximise how smooth they are. Basically it’s the perfect excuse to use up fat quarters of childish fabrics in a quick, simple set of quilts that will be so valuable for vulnerable babies. On that basis I happily bought 5 fat quarters and made up some new blocks for the I Spy quilt.

I’ll be sure the share pictures of the prem-baby quilts once I’ve made those up too.


One Monthly Goal – February

My one monthly goal for February will be to create some fabric storage boxes to go in the nursery for our Little Pip who should be making his arrival into the world soon (and then getting a proper name).

Last month I made a rug for the nursery so I plan to use the same fabrics again to make co-ordinating boxes. I’ll be adding in another upholstery weight stripy fabric. I also rummaged through my box of my late Grandmother’s old fabric and found a stunning hexagon patterned bed sheet that co-ordinates beautifully and will be a great lining for the boxes. Really pleased I can add in some of my Grandmother’s fabric to make something for the next generation.


I’ll declare the goal accomplished if I manage one finished box. However, ideally I’d like three boxes or so. We’ll see how it goes.

Unlike last month which was an ‘unofficial’ goal, this month I am in time to join the Elm Street Quilt Link up

Finished – Nursery Rug (January One Monthly Goal)

Earlier this month I discovered a brilliant initiative over at Elm Street Quilts to let people post their monthly goals and finishes each month. I decided to give it a go for 2018 and I set myself the challenge for January of making a nursery rug.

I’m delighted to say I have met my monthly goal.  Whoo hoo!

It’s not really patchwork, but it did involve quilting the two fabrics together in regular horizontal lines over the whole rug.

Here is a nice simple rug that will help maximise the green themed nursery I’m working towards


I made the fringe quite short in the end (about 1 inch. It could have been up to 2.5 inches but I thought this was a neater finish and wouldn’t get as tangled on the floor over time.


I’m particularly pleased with how the corners worked out. I turned the backing fabric over and pulled it round to the front to bind the raw edges together and catch the end of the fringe to stop the risk of fraying.


Pip’s I Spy quilt blocks 37-39

I felt brave this week so I had a go at designing some of my own applique motifs rather than just using printed images. The construction of each block obviously takes much longer than just fussy cutting and appliqueing a pretty image, but I do like the finished style of my ‘homemade’ pictures.


I’ll have to have a think about some more images I could build up out of solids. Do you have any ideas? I’m struggling for inspiration this week.

This quilt is proving much trickier than I had originally envisaged. I may well end up having to shelve it for a while and give myself time to build up. New stash of suitable fabrics. Perhaps when Pip (who will hopefully have an actual name before I go into labour) grows out of baby clothes and I can then cut them up to add to the quilt. That’s what I did for my godson’s Jigsaw quilt and it really helped fill in the blank spaces.

One monthly goal – January

To many of you this may not be news. Apologies if that’s the case.

I’ve spotted a few references to a ‘One monthly goal’ phenomenon in the last few months on various blogs that I follow. This evening I was a bit bored but unable to sleep due to being kicked particularly vigorously by a growing baby bump. So I did a little bit of blogland surfing and discovered what all the references were about.


What a cool idea!

Basically at the start of a month you can write a blog post about what you want to achieve that month. You link up with the Elm Street Quilts to record your goal. Then, at the end of the month you post your progress towards that goal.

Simple, beautiful social accountability to help us follow though on our intentions. I love it!

I’d like to have a go at setting and reviewing a monthly goal each month during 2018. I have spectacularly missed the boat for setting my January goal ‘officially’, but I do have a goal…

Here is my unofficial One Monthly Goal for January.

Nursery Rug

I want to make a rug for the nursery. It’s a fairly small room with cream walls so the carpet colour really dominates the feel of the room. The carpet is a nice enough blue, but I want a green theme to the nursery (see the jungle and circus wall hanging/play mats I’ve already made for the room). I think a green rug could cover a fairly large portion of the blue carpet and help reinforce my green theme. I took a trip to a local discount fabric store that tends to stock curtain/upholstery fabric rather than cottons. I picked up this lovely bundle


I can also use some of the same fabrics to make storage boxes and bags (but that’s for another month). So my January goal is to turn these upholstery weight fabrics into a simple rug for the nursery floor.

I’ll let you know how I get on…

Pip’s I Spy quilt blocks 33-36

I feel like I’ve been making these blocks for ages now. The pile of finished blocks is looking nice and tall, which is very encouraging. Also it is just so so so much fun to be making something while the recipient kicks away merrily inside my stomach.

This week I went with purple to finish up the last bits of my first round trip through the rainbow.


With 36 blocks done I’ve made a substantial dent in my target of 64. But I’m still a long way short of what I’ll need for the design. I don’t want to have to repeat any of the blocks so I think some imaginative fabric searching will be required for the second half of this quilt. Hmm…

Pip’s I Spy quilt blocks 25-32

We had a couple of quiet days this week so I was able to crack on with the blocks for Pip’s quilt. Moving through the rainbow I put together a set of blue blocks this week.


I was really pleased I was able to fussy cut the plant pot image to keep the phrase ‘Be Creative’. It was so close to the edge I was worried it would get swallowed up in the satin stitch.

I’m deliberately making sure the images are very securely attached to the background patches. They have all been bonda webbed down before I added the satin stitch. I want this quilt to be well used, washed and loved so it has to hold up to enthusiastic use. Of course, this does mean I’m flying through thread like it’s going out of fashion. This is turning out to be a great quilt for using up all those old bobbins with little bits of odd colours on.