Starting work on a Cot border

Our Little Pip is growing up fast. It won’t be much longer that he fits in the Next2me crib. I’m sure he’ll start needing a bigger cot before I can blink. So we don’t get caught out we chose and ordered a cot for him last week. It’s now arrived and it looking all shiny and pretty in Pip’s nursery. However it is looking a little bare…

Safe sleeping guidelines are really clear. Nothing should be in the cot with a baby under 12 months old. This means no quilts, cuddly toys or cot bumpers. So what’s a quilter to do?! Well I decided to make a simple cot border than can decorate the bottom of the cot, safely away from anywhere Pip might reach.

Months and months ago now I bought a couple of animal panels and made them into simple baby quilts. One hangs on the wall in the nursery and the other is playmat for when we’re out and about.

At the same time as I bought the panels I also bought a length of border fabric to match the jungle panel. That’s what I decided to use for my cot border.

I picked a backing fabric (a sheet from my dwindling stock of my grandmother’s linens) and lay out the two fabrics right sides facing each other. I pinned liberally because I really didn’t want this to wiggle during sewing the long seams.

Then I just stitched down both sides and either side of the mid line. That was as far as I got because then Pip woke up. Oh well, maybe I’ll get some more done another day :). Now I get to go cuddle my baby.


Whoops! Some on the go fixing for the I Spy quilt

This week I started piecing together the I Spy quilt blocks. I decided to do them in rows and then join all the rows together to build the square. I’ve been making steady progress throughout the week during Pip’s naps. Slowly joining a few more together whenever I can. I’ve got five rows pieced so far and I’m very pleased with that progress.

Today I started row six and came across this little block. Can you spot the mistake?

Yup that right, I forgot to machine appliqué one of the circles to secure it. Right now only bondaweb is holding the cement mixer on the block.

This was one of those moments where I was soooo glad I spotted it at this stage when it could very easily be fixed. Imagine how infuriating it would have been to discover that while quilting or (even worse) binding the finished quilt.

It was also a moment that made me appreciate my thread storage system. It took only a second to identify the right top and bobbin threads from my rack and get my machine re-threaded up and ready to work.

I put each spool on top of its bobbin so I can easily see all my threads and know if I need to wind a matching bobbin before I start work with a thread. The rack hangs on the wall here so it is never in direct sunlight. It was moved a few years ago after I noticed my pink thread had starting fading when the rack sat on the window sill – rookie mistake.

Whew. All sorted now.

Cement mixer is secure.

I Spy … a layout.

Today I seized an opportunity during Pip’s naptime to start laying out the blocks for his I Spy quilt. I took advantage of the bed in the guest bedroom (it’s the only room not covered in dog hair) to start mapping out where each of the 81 blocks should go.

I already knew I wanted to repeat the rainbow effect layout I’d used for my godson’s jigsaw quilt that inspired Pip’s quilt. So I just kind started with that. Once I’d laid all the squares out it didn’t actually take much reordering until I was happy with the balance at all. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I had the final layout.

However I did discover that somewhere along the line I miscounted. One extra lonely orphan block left over. Maybe I’ll find a home for it somewhere else soon.

As a 9 x 9 square quilt I’m expecting the I Spy panel to finish at a little over a metre square. I’m not sure how wide a border I want for it yet, or what type of border. I’ll have to do some auditioning once the rest of the top is sewn together.

Let me know if you have any ideas on borders for this quilt?

The final I Spy blocks #78-81

After months of work I can now jubilantly proclaim that I have finished making the blocks for my I Spy Quilt!! It’s been a long road and I wouldn’t have made it without some help.

My final four blocks are a random collection of whatever took my fancy from the remaining fabrics available.

I absolutely adore the rowing boats. Just so much fun. I can’t wait to put this quilt together now. Fingers crossed Little Boy has some decent naps next month so I can make progress.

Musical I Spy blocks #74-77

This week I went for a musical theme whilst making blocks for the I Spy quilt. These are more fabrics from the lovely Rowena and I’m absolutely delighted to have some music in this quilt. It adds a fab new element to the possibilities.

Three of these blocks are from the same fabric so I sort of grouped thematically by instrument type (but also just grouped by size and fit).

I think I’ll aim for 81 blocks so it can be a 9×9 square quilt. It’s definitely going to be bigger than my original 8×8 plan which only needed 64 blocks. I’m looking forward to playing with possible layouts once I have all the blocks.

OTT I Spy Blocks #69-73

Although I’m passed my target of 64 blocks for my I Spy quilt, I have enough fabric images (courtesy of Rowena) to keep going. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. It’s fun working my way through the scraps. Soon I’ll have to map out the whole quilt and concentrate on some fine tuning of the colour balance, but for now here are five more blocks to add to the party.