Taking stock

It’s been a very productive quilting year so far. 

I finally finished off my red quilt after a 10 year battle with much learning about quilting. Appropriately this quilt is called ‘Learning Curve’. 

I’ve completed one Quilt from scratch (Christopher’s Jigsaw Quilt) 

I pieced and built a quilt sandwich with my Japanese Sampler Quilt.

And I also pieced the top for my sister’s postage stamp quilt. ((Photos in an upcoming post soon))

Given that my normal rate has been about one quilt per year, I’m feeling extremely industrious. Let’s hope the next few months keep going in a similar fashion. 


Japanese Sampler – Treasure purse sashiko block (Post 21)

One of the really pretty sashiko patterns in Susan Briscoe’s book is the treasure purse. It was a complicated pattern to transfer onto the fabric. Which sewing it I had to think a lot about the various junctions where lines of stitching touched each other.

It was fund to so though, and I like the final effect. I also like how the top of bag echos the shape of the ginkgo leaf. It helps to add some coherence to the quilt.


I’m really enjoying making a sampler quilt. It’s nice to have something without a deadline, where I can just concentrating on getting each piece exactly as I want it. I think it’s also really helping my develop my skills. I’ve tried so many new techniques of the past few months.

I can’t wait to see the finished version now though. I want to be able to check I haven’t accidentally made something that doesn’t hang together well. Just those inevitable nerves I’m sure we all get once we’re committed to a large project and know the end is still a long way off.