Japanese Sampler – Hexagons (Post 5)

After making a few blocks that used a small number of my fabrics I wanted to do something that really threw them all on the table. I decided to have a go at machine piecing hexagons. There is nothing like Y seams to really test your accuracy. I fussy cut some of the funky motifs from all of my fabrics for this quilt, picked a hexagon size that looks nice and started stitching…


I love this block. I think it’s a great showcase for the range of fabrics I’m throwing into my sampler quilt. However it is also a salutary lesson in how to can’t just start stitching things together without measuring. It’s too big. In order to cut it down to the 12″ finished size I need for the sampler I would hack off the six points of the hexagon itself. It would look stupid.

So this is also now going to go on the back of the quilt, along with my rejected wonky crane. Ho hum.

It was fun to make though so I don’t mind too much

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