Pieces for the Jigsaw Quilt

About 6 months ago our dear friends welcomed their first child into world, a beautiful and happy little boy. I’ve been sort of gently gathering child friendly fabric pictures and building 5″ blocks with them since he was born with the idea that an i-spy or jigsaw type quilt could be fun.

In just two months time he will be Christened and I will officially become his godmother. I’m now on a mission to get this quilt finished in time for the Christening. Eek! Not much time at all.

Last month his mum gave me some of her favourites from his newborn clothes to incorporate into the quilt. Some of the motifs meant I needed bigger blocks to catch the full image, but actually I really liked that effect.


I left the “Little Wingman” pocket open so it still works. It was the bit of the outfit that my friend liked the most so I thought it would be fun to keep the function even in a quilt. I’m a teeny bit worried about small fingers and toes getting caught in the pocket while he rolls around but I’ll always have the option to tack it shut later on so I’ll keep it open for now and just fix if there is actually a problem.

Now I just need to get some time to quilt so I can get this pile of bright pictures turned into a functional quilt / playmat type thing.

At this stage I have mainly yellow blues and greens. The stray reds and oranges seemed to really pull the focus and I wasn’t sure what to go with as a colour scheme. My friend made an excellent executive decision as mum and decided it should be a rainbow quilt. I better get to work making some red, orange and purple blocks to balance things up…

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