Japanese Sampler – Teapot (Post 4)

Come on, you didn’t expect me to make a quilt about Japan (land of the tea ceremony) and not include my teapot obsession did you?

I went back to the Teapots 2 Applique book by Kay Mackensie that I used to make my ‘Time for Tea‘ quilt.


It contained a lovely pattern for a Japanese style teapot that was just perfect for my sampler quilt. I wanted to use lots of different techniques in my quilt so after two paper pieced blocks it was definitely time for some back basting applique. The only change I made to the pattern was to add a ring around the body of the pot to break up the fabric a little bit.


I’m not going to redo the block because I’m happy with it, but if I do make another one in the future I will do the ring last so that it sits above the pot fabric rather than behind it. I think that would look a little more realistic. At the moment having the embellishment flatter than the surface is a little odd. (But not odd enough for me to need to replace it).

Three blocks done on my Japanese sampler (four if you count the crane that has been relegated to the back of the quilt). I’m not actually sure how many I have left to do. This quilt keeps growing.

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