Cushions galore (2015 Finishes 9, 10, 11 and 12 )

Note: This a very delayed post that I began drafting back in 2015. I don’t know what it took me so long to press publish.

In preparation for Christmas visitors last year I bought a couple of huge 3ft cushions for guests to lounge on in front of the fire. I only got round to making a cover for one of them. I re-purposed an old single duvet cover so it was a nice and easy finish. I started to make a matching cover for the second cushion but it didn’t get finished. I’m not sure why I only did one at the time but it doesn’t really matter now. One of my dearest friends loved the cushion and always chose it over available chairs when she came to visit.

Fast forward a few months and my cushion for guests got claimed by a new owner. A very cute little beagle puppy who joined our family and turned our lives upside down. Yvonne lost her cushion and Archer gained the biggest bed a tiny puppy could dream of.


He loves this cushion. It’s his favourite place to curl up and snore away the evenings. When I do occasionally have to strip the cushion to wash the cover he gets ansty. This week I decided enough was enough. I finished the second matching cover so that there is always one available for Archer’s cushion (finish #9). Then I made a third cover for the ‘as-yet-uncovered’ second cushion so that Yvonne can have her spot back too without having to share her seat with the dog (finish #10).

While I was on a bit of a dogbed making roll I used up loads of my fabric waste that has been accumulating to make a couple of smaller beds for Archer (finishes 11 and 12). These go in the kitchen for him to sleep on at night, or near wherever I happen to be working when he wants to stay close but be comfy. He gets through these quite quickly by chewing the corners but they are easy to fix or recycle in to newer versions with an extra outer layer.

So that takes 2015’s tally up to 12 finishes.


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