Japanese Sampler – Crane (Post 2)

Foundation paper piecing was a whole new world to me. I came across a free pattern online for a crane. I gave it a go and my first Japanese block was born!


The block will finish up at 12″ when I’ve trimmed it to size, I’m waiting till I’m ready to assemble the quilt before I do the final trimming.

I was so pleased with this. I love this fabric, the technique was fun, it was fairly straightforward and looked crisp. That is until I looked closer and discovered that the points on the beak do not match up. Whoops.

So I decided that this block can be used on the back of the quilt.

I made another one for the front. This time using a different fabric to see how that would work out.


I used the same fabric for all the parts of the crane. The pattern had recommended different fabrics for the underside parts of the bird. I tried to kind of create this effect by using green sections of the fabric for those pieces. It’s not really as effective as I’d hoped because there is green in the other section too, but I still like the one fabric effect so I’m letting it be.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Sampler – Crane (Post 2)

  1. I think you did a great job with both versions! The fabrics are just right. 🙂 That beak point is rather tricky – I use a pin passed through the points on each piece to line them up better before sewing that seam. I also recently discovered that little binding clips are much better at holding paper-pieced sections together when joining them. Good luck with the quilt, I would really love to see it! 😀

  2. Thanks Heulwen,

    The binding clips is a really good idea! I never like pinning because it always seems to distort something. I’ll have to hook out some of binding clips for my next foundation pieced blocks.

    I’ll definitely be posting the finished quilt here when it’s done. Just piecing it is a mammoth challenge at the moment. I haven’t even begun to think about quilting designs!

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