Coin purse experiments

Continuing my impromptu theme of handbag items I thought I’d have a go at making a small zipped coin purse so I don’t have loose change jangling around my newly organised handbag. I’ve had some success working with zips but I would by no means called it a mastered skill. The two attempts I’m blogging about here are unfortunate examples of ‘not-quite-good-enough’ syndrome, something I suspect lots of us suffer from.

Attempt One:
Noodlehead have a popular and detailed tutorial for making zipped pouches. I feel bad including a link to the tutorial for a post that is about my mistakes so I feel I need to emphasise that the problem was because I ignored the directions. I have every confidence that the tutorial would create a great pouch if followed correctly.

I attempted to downsize that pattern for my coin purse. Where I went wrong was in trying to include the zip in the seam allowance at one end to save space and keep the pouch small. As you can see from the photo below it just doesn’t sit tidy at that corner. The rest of it is fine though and it does work as a purse. It’s functional but not well constructed so doesn’t count as a finish for my 2015 tally.



Attempt Two:
I thought I’d try a different strategy. I a little bit of web searching I came across a funky pyramid shaped purse tutorial. There are a couple of versions knocking around blogland but I based mine on these two tutorials.
1. Sew me something good
2. Jill Shepherd

I sort of guessed at a 6″ square as a size and then a 4″ zip as recommended. It was quick fun and easy to put together.


It looks ok. It a bit floppy so I think that interfacing, or a quilted exterior fabric would help. More fundamentally, the size is just not right and the zip is too small relative to the rest of the pouch. I have no idea what I’m going to use this for but it’s not going to be my coin purse. I will claim it as finish #7 for 2015 though.

I guess more practicing is required here. Fun though

I think that for now this concludes my small foray into handbag accessories. But if you have any ideas for other items I should try and make just leave a comment and I’ll have a go


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