Lined drawstring pouches (finishes #4 &#5)

To go with my new laptop sleeve I wanted to make a small pouch to hold my charger and associated cables. I used this really helpful tutorial by Jeni Baker at ‘In color order’ but sort of made the size up myself.


Once I’d made one I could see why Jeni had added the accent fabric; it really added some class to the pouch. So I made a larger pouch just to be a useful ‘bag-in-a-bag’. I think it will be handy when I have a wet umbrella to keep separate from other bits and pieces in my bag.


I really should learn just to follow tutorials. Once again I kind of made up the sizes and I made the channel for the ribbon much narrower than the tutorial specified. It works but it doesn’t flow as easily as it could.



Laptop sleeve (2015 finish #3)

My sister bought me a lovely new handbag for Christmas.


It’s perfect as a bag for work because I can fit my laptop and all other stuff in easily without looking like a student. However, it’s a little larger than my previous handbag so I was a bit worried about my laptop banging about and getting damaged. My third finish this year (and my third made totally from existing stash fabrics!!!!) is a fleece lined sleeve to protect my laptop when on the move.

Laptop sleeve


Simple, quick (ignoring the fact that I totally measured it wrong and had make the entire thing again), and oh so useful. Winner!!

I used it yesterday but forgot to take my charger with me -d’oh! So, task for next week is to make a co-ordinating pouch to hold computer cables. I wonder how far I can go on this theme of bags to go in my handbag? Any suggestions

Scrap bins (2015 finishes #1 & #2)

It’s daft but my first two finishes of 2015 really make me smile.

I’ve been meaning to make some fabric containers for my scraps for ages now. Eventually I’d like lots of bins to organise fabric that is:
– too small to use (but will make good stuffing for padded things)
– small but possibly useful pieces
– 1 1/2 inch squares
– 2 1/2 inch squares
– medium amounts left over or now not needed for a particular project

For now I can happily cross two of these off the list: ‘free fabric’ (not being saved for any particular project) and ‘too small’ (wastage good for stuffing dog beds)






2014 fabriccomplishments

I’ll add photos to this post in the future but for now I just wanted to write down a list of the main finishes for 2014 because they haven’t been blogged about properly. Here we go:

Quilting in 2014:

The main effort this year was my brother’s Fire Drill Quilt. I’m annoyed with myself for not getting any decent pictures of it. The only ones I have are of husband and dog messing about with it the second after I had finished the last bit of binding.

I do have a photo of the back of the quilt (with dog). Instead of using batting I just put a white sheet in the middle and backed it with white fleece. The only bits of batting were put down the two pieced strips that weren’t fleece.

Hopefully my brother will send me some photos of the quilt in situ and in use at some point that I can share with you. I also made a couple of matching pillow cases from the leftover fabric to go with the quilt.

I also have two half finished quilts (a chevron quilt for the spare bedroom and a quilt for my sister-in-law). These will just have to be counted towards 2015 instead (assuming I finish them this year).

It was bags galore in 2014:

Mama’s laptop bag: I gave this to Mama for her birthday in March. I’m really quite pleased with how this turned out. I think it looks quite neat and it has held together so far so it can’t have been that badly made. For me I like the fact that it works just like all of the black boring laptop bags you can buy but has some funky class to it. Success

My Amy Butler Weekender Bag: For my a huge achievement was gained when I traveled to Sweden in August for a friend’s wedding and used my homemade weekender bag for all my stuff. I was only going for the weekend so I could take everything as cabin baggage. My bag held together – with no issues at all – and I didn’t even feel nervous about it’s strength. Yes!!

Ellie’s Weekender bag: Once my sister saw my weekender bag she wanted one for herself. So her Christmas present was a bright pink elephant print version with come coordinating toiletry bags. Let’s hope this one is as sturdy as my first version. It should be but as it’s a gift I can’t help but be a little bit nervous.

Yvonne and Judy’s handbags: I found a really cool pattern for a handbag while I was visiting my friend Anna in California last summer. I just wanted to try the pattern out so I cut up some old jeans and pink corduroy trousers, mixed in some leftover fabric my mum has passed to meet from a skirt she made herself, and made up a birthday bag for Yvonne. Then I dived into the fabrics I had been hoarding for Judy (they were her colours) and made her a version of the bag for Christmas. I’m still waiting for feedback on how functional the design of the bags actually is but they look cool so I’m happy.

2015 begins

Happy New Year!

It’s time for a new start to the blog. I have a new plan:

Out with long wordy posts and in with quick updates and check-in’s.

Hopefully by lowering my self-expectations I’ll actually be more likely to post and use my little corner of the Internet.

First up here’s my to do list for quilting in 2015:

1. Record each finish here (ideally with a picture but let’s not get too carried away)

2. Uncle M’s memory quilt using Granny’s fabrics

3. Chevron quilt for the spare bedroom

4. Ellie’s rainbow quilt

5. TK’s wall hanging.

Let’s see how it goes 😀