Tablet computer pouch redux

I think I may have stumbled onto something with the tablet pouch design. Yesterday I got a phone call from my Dad telling me that he has bought my Mum a laptop for her birthday and asking if I could make her a case for it. A quick chat with my Mum then revealed that she would like a pouch like the two I blogged about recently, but also, could she have a unique and special laptop bag to hold more than just the laptop. Hmm, somehow my Amy Butler Weekender Bag doesn’t feel like the biggest bag making challenge I’m going to have this year. I’ve been away from home this weekend, so no sewing :(. Instead I have been busying myself by designing my Mum’s laptop bag. Now, she knows about my blog so I’m not going to be able to say too much about the design here (at least until after her birthday). However, I just wanted to show you my design notebook. IMG_0152 Isn’t it pretty?! It has fabric and embroidered embellishments, but it also has a teapot design (ok I clearly have a problem with teapots – see here, here and here). I use the book as a doodle space, but also to help plan out the construction process for various projects. It’s not neat but it keeps everything in one place and gives me a resource to refer back to when I repeat a design (like I did for the tablet pouch)   IMG_0154

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