Travel Pouch

I do have a small finish to share with you all this week. It’s the travel pouch I mentioned in my previous post. It was based on this fantastic tutorial and made use of the new postal style fabric that caught my eye when shopping and a nice lot of scraps from my stash.

Making the two sides of the pouch was really fun. The fabric behaved and I was so relieved when I successfully followed the instructions to make my first ever zipped pockets. I’m so pleased with those pockets that I’m already planning to add some more zips into my Amy Butler Weekender Bag that is currently a WIP.

The only snag came when I tried to assemble it all together. It just wasn’t sitting comfy or being stiff enough for documents. in the end I added an extra 2″ in the width to make it easier to fit paper documents inside, the extra seam lines, ribbon trim and top stitching helped to add some rigidity so in the end I didn’t have to add in some stiff interfacing.

Now all I need to do it try it out on my next trip abroad with work.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that my passport has clipped edges. That’s because it is an old (expired passport). When I wanted to photograph the pouch to show it to you all I searched around for appropriate ‘props’ to demonstrate the travel-nature of the pouch. In so doing I made the rather unfortunate discovery that I cannot currently locate my active passport, only my expired ones. We moved house a few months ago and I am really really hoping it is just in one of the boxes waiting to be unpacked. Eeep!! Still, I suppose this does rather raise the priority level for finishing the unpacking – I really hope I find it 🙂

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