Tablet Computer Pouch

For Christmas I made my husband a tablet computer pouch. I followed this tutorial (but used velcro instead of a buckle to fasten the flap down). I also changed the size so that it just fitted the tablet for security.


I used a heavy weight cotton for the outer, then a layer of batting, and then a layer of fleece for the lining. I was pleased with how it turned out. This weekend I looked at it again to take some photos for this post. Once I scraped off the worst of the mud and dirt I could see it still looked pretty good. Also, it is quite clearly being used to protect his tablet so it clearly works – Yay!! Don’t you just love it when people really use the things you make for them.


Once I had made one for my husband’s tablet, I then wanted one for myself. I didn’t have a fleece left but I did have three coordinating paisley prints that would work. I used two layers of batting in my version to try and match the effect of batting + fleece that had worked for my husband.


It does still work but my case looks much puffier and less crisp than his. I also only had a tiny square of velcro to hold the flap down so the edges curl up a little. Never mind, it does the job and a couple of people at work have commented on it favourably at meetings so I’m happy. I even have space to slip in a notebook and pen next to my tablet so I’m all set for whatever a meeting may need.


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