My current WIPs

Hi all,
I’ve not got any finishes to share with you but in the spirit of regular blogging I thought i’s share an update on my sewing activities over the past couple of weeks.

Fire drill quilt:
I called into a new-to-me quilting shop a couple of weekends ago to choose the final fabrics to complete the set for my grey and turquoise fire drill quilt. It was the first (and probably last) time I’ll go to that quilting shop but you have to try these things out. They had a fantastic selection of bold prints but not much in the way of corresponding gentle prints or solids.

I’m hoping that this will be a well used and abused quilt so I decided to pre-wash all my fabrics to try and guard against colours running if the finished article has to be washed. (I dont’ normally pre-wash despite previous disasters).

I’ve started cutting out the various pieces according to the instructions. I had a few issues remembering to cut prints to best accentuate the pattern. It’s a long slow process but I’m making progress.

Weekender Bag:
This is also coming along nicely. I feel nervous saying it because of the horror stories circulating in blogland but so far, so good. Well, apart from the handles. Ok the handles were a disaster and had to be repeated. I’m still not happy with the handles but I just went with my second attempt out of impatience. I’ll blog about this bag when it’s finished so that’s all for now.

Travel pouch:
While buying fabric for my fire drill quilt I spotted some funky postal style fabric. It resonated with me because a few days earlier I had seen this tutorial for a travel documents pouch. I’ve got quite a few trips to make for work this year and I thought this might be a fun little project just for me. It also has the advantage of giving me some more practice with zips.

That’s it for now. How are your projects coming along?

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