Fire drill quilt

I’ve started collecting together fabrics for a new quilt. I love this phase; it’s so full of promise and possibilities. I’m actually going to follow my first pattern rather than making it up as I go along. I’ll be making my version of Elizabeth Hartman’s Fire Drill Quilt.

I’m not going to be using the same colour scheme though. One of the variations Elizabeth suggests is a cooler alternative made up of grey prints with some really vibrant shots of teal/turquoise solids. So now I’m on the hunt for my fabrics.

I’ve already started deviating from the instructions. It would appear I am very bad at actually following a pattern. Rather than going for 8 prints and 1 solid, I’m trying to find 13 prints in a mix of grey, navy and turquoise. I think I will also look for 3 or 4 solids in a mix of grey, navy, teal and turquoise. I’m going for a slightly scrappier look overall but still keeping it mainly grey with striking shots of bright colour.

Here’s my collection of fabrics so far. I’ve found the prints a lot easier to source than the solids so I think I’ll take a special trip to a larger quilting shop this weekend to fill in the gaps. So much fun!! I can’t wait to start cutting into them.


Do you tend to follow a pattern or make it up as you go?

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