Goals for 2014

Lets see if writing a list and declaring it publicly will spur me on to finish some projects this year:

  1. Spare room quilt: So far just a rough colour scheme, not fabric or pattern choices made
  2. EC’s quilt: This is a WIP languishing in the back of my quilt cupboard ever since I had a disagreement with it about applique methods. It needs to be forgiven, resurrected, repaired and completed
  3. TC’s quilt: I’ve had the pattern for this one sorted in my head for a year now. Time to buy some fabrics and get started with it.
  4. Table cloth: This should be a simple embellishment project once I finalise the colour scheme for the dining room
  5. Table runner: Shouldn’t take too long once I’ve decided on fabrics. Right now I’m thinking grey and yellow is the way to go – well see
  6. Place mats: I have a design in my head but it needs to be the same fabrics as the table runner and table cloth so it’s on hold for now.
  7. Sewing room tea cosy: A knitting project that’s long over due. This is the year for it
  8. Office tea cosy: Once I’ve figured out how to knit tea cosies there’ll be no stopping me.
  9. Amy Butler Weekender Bag: I need a smart, small travel bag that doesn’t make me look like a student. This is going to be it. I’ve bought the pattern and I’m slowly sourcing all the notions and supplies. Right now it’s fabric choice that’s holding me back.

Wow. That list got long very quickly. I think I better stop there before it becomes utterly unachievable in a year. Looking at this list I’m excited about taking on a lot of new challenges this year. Quilting for me is all about learning new skills. There are lots waiting for me here.

Writing this list has also made it really clear that choosing fabrics is a real sticking point for me. I always struggle with it and it’s holding up a lot of projects I should have started ages ago. I have made two quilts where I ended up dissatisfied with the fabric choices (both of them are relegated (one unfinished) in disgust to the back of the sewing cupboard). Now I’m always scared about choosing colours in case it doesn’t work and I end up wasting time and money on something I don’t like.

How do you choose which fabrics to use?

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