Tea Mat

Here’s my Friday Finish for this week. From start to finish in five days – not bad 🙂

On Monday morning I stopped off at the local supermarket on my way to work to buy some sandwich supplies for the week. Now, those of you who read my blog will know that I have a thing for teapots. When I’m working at home I can always be found with a teapot, small milk jug, cup and saucer next to me. While buying lunch on monday I spotted a very cheap (but actually quite smart) simple white tea set. I couldn’t resist and now I have the ability to have a pot of tea next to me while working at the office too – yay! :). Of course, having a new tea set means I obviously need a mat to stop drips getting on my papers, and a tea cosy. This week I got to work on the mat.

It’s quite large. The dresden plate box is 12″ in diameter.

This means the mat is big enough for pot, jug and saucer to be kept safely away from work. I’m hoping it will also mean that I can easily slide all tea paraphernalia across the desk if it gets in the way. I’ll test that particular function out on Monday when I’m next in the office.


For this project I decided I would practice some hand quilting. I’ve never actually done it before. I wanted nice thick thread so it would show but the only thing I had was embroidery thread so I just used a double strand. It might not be orthodox but it did work. I started by doing a running stitch 1/4″ inside the edge of the dresden plate applique. Then I did blanket stitch in yellow around the edge of the white centre. I also use the same technique to sew the back of the binding on. It took a while and would be very thread intensive for a large quilt but it does look nice. When this was done the dresden plate was looking a little poufy so a decided to have a go at feather stitch along some of the seams to hold it down. I added knot stitches for decoration at random intervals along the feather stitching. I think they look a little too small but they work and I don’t want anything that would stick out too much so I’m leaving them as they are.

At this point the apple in the centre was looking a little lonely without any hand quilting so I ran the feather stitch round that too. This project sort of evolved in to something much more detailed than I had expected. I don’t think I’ve ever fully planned out a project in advance but seeing how things turn out and then deciding what to do next is half the fun for me.


I’m looking forward to trying out my new tea mat next week but I think I’d cry if I spilt tea on it. I guess I’ll just have to be careful.

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