Office Wallhanging

In the same quilt show as my Time for Tea quilt was entered, I also had another quilt to show. I named it Birds of a Feather at the time but I’ve never been really happy with that name. I’m not sure what to call it so for now it’s just known as the quilt that hangs in my office at work.

IMG_0906Here’s the quilt hanging in the show. You can see it is a bit wobbly around the edges and doesn’t quite hang right.

Here’s a shot of it in it’s regular position, on the noticeboard in my office at work. Much more fun than using the noticeboard for work things :). A couple of colleagues have commented on it. I think most are quite surprised to find out that have a quilter in their midst.

imageThis time I deliberately hung it with slight waves to disguise the wobbles. I think it looks happier here than it did at the show.

Below is a close up of the details. You can see my wibbly attempt at free motion quilting. My straight line diamonds in the purple border were better. I was very pleased with the embellishment on the binding. Instead of hand sewing the binding down I did this back-and-forth effect. It’s makes the edge very stiff (which probably contributes to the wobbliness a little) but I do like the look of it.

imageIn this photo you can also see how desperate I got for scraps of the white fabric by the end. I was using tiny little pieces just to get something for a seam allowance. But it works so I’m happy.

It’s a long way from a perfect quilt. The batting is bad – scratchy and lumpy. I won’t be using it again. This is the only quilt I used it in. The leftovers have been used for extra layers of batting in small projects that needed reinforcing. The scrapping piecing was annoying but didn’t look terrible in the finished quilt. Ultimately it was a practice quilt for some new skills and I’m satisfied with how it turned out. The skills I was trying to practice in this quilt were:

  • Accurate piecing – I was happy with this. The squares are square and the corners match up pretty well
  • Free motion quilting – it was a first attempt but it’s still bad enough that I don’t want to give you much of a close up to look at. I find free motion really hard and I’m still trying to get better. One of the ladies at my local quilting group once told me that you can’t try and be accurate with free motion, you just have to go with it. That might be why it’s not working for me. I like accuracy.
  • Machine binding – I like this effect. I haven’t used it since because I haven’t made another wall hanging but I would certainly consider using it (as long as I have lots of thread. It took a huge amount more than normal binding).

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