Time for tea

I have a confession to make… I am a bit of a tea set junkie. I do like tea and I love the ritual of the teapot and serving tea to guests. It’s one of the reasons I really want to visit Japan at some point. A couple of years ago, whilst browsing patchwork pictures online I came across a set of teapot quilts. They had been done in lots of different ways and styles but they all seemed to use the same template: ‘Teapots 2 to appliqué‘ by Kay MacKenzie. Well I couldn’t resist. I bought the book and made my very own teapot quilt


The fabrics for the teapots were mainly scraps from my stash supplemented with various fat quarters that caught my eye over the months. I made all the appliqué squares first, just gently hand appliquéing them in front of the television of an evening. Then, one weekend when my husband was away and I had finished almost all of the teapot patterns in the book I decided to put the quilt together. The stripy blocks just came to me as a way of injecting a lot of colour into what would otherwise have been quite a white quilt. Although you can’t see in the pictures, the quilting is a single echo line around the tea pots. In the centre of each of the strip blocks I sewed the outline of a teacup, milk jug or sugar bowl in black and then meandered all around the rest of the block in a coordinating thread.

I was quite pleased with this quilt and it was the one I entered into my very first quilt show this year…




Here it is hanging up in the show – very exciting. It didn’t win anything but the judges were quite kind in their comments so I think I’ll risk another quilt show for a different quilt in the future.


6 thoughts on “Time for tea

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