Foundation Pieced Cushion

Hi again,

Here is another of my study avoidance projects. This time I decided to have a go at foundation piecing. Here is the pattern drawn onto paper and pinned to the carpet with the white polycotton on top so I could trace the lines onto it.

Foundation piecing pattern

Once again I used up some of the fabrics from an earlier project, my Cathedral window cushion. I supplemented them with some fabrics I found at my local market. I even added in a soft woven fabric that I liked – it made me feel brave to use something other than guilting shop cottons.

This is the only foundation piecing project I’ve done but I really enjoyed it. It seemed logical and straightforward and it was actually a good way for me to practice sewing in a straight line.

Foundation pieced cushion being ironed

I didn’t have a sewing machine at this point in time so the cushion was done entirely by hand. I think it might be one of the reasons I love my machine so much now. Lack of patience strikes again.

Here’s the finished article. 4 years on and it’s still holding together. It’s currently a seat cushion for our dining chairs (or the folding wooden garden chairs we’ve been using as dining chair until we have space for proper chairs).

Finished foundation pieced cushion

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