Cathedral Window Cushion


I have a really really bad way of dealing with stress. It’s a subtle blend of procrastination and hibernation. I will find anything to do other than what I am supposed to be doing, or I’ll just go to bed for a while. However, this does mean that I can pretty much track the exam periods of my time at university based on the project I started in order to avoid revision.

One such project was this cushion cover

Cathedral Window Cushion

I had been fascinated with the Cathedral window pattern ever since I saw my Mum’s only foray into patchworking with a pink cathedral window cushion that she made when I was little. I just love the way a straight fold turns into a curve. I’ve always thought it’s a really clever trick. Cathedral window is a fantastic handwork project. I find it really useful to have a hand project on the go for when my husband and I are watching tv together of an evening and I get itchy fingers for sewing.

I used one of the leftover blues from Sophie’s quilt and added to the mix with some new fat quarters. This was while I was at uni so I didn’t have much space (or money) for a large stash. My projects tended to lead on from each other, slowly building up fabrics and using up scraps at the same time. It worked well while I was going through a blue/teal phase.

I was really really pleased with the cushion. I used it on my bed while I was a student and then it became a sofa cushion in my first home with me husband. A mealtime mishap with pasta bolognese meant that I needed to wash my cathedral window cushion for the first time. The tomato sauce came out beautifully… so did the blue colouring, right into the white background.


And that is how I learnt my lesson about washing fabrics. I wish I could say I now religiously wash fabrics before I starting working with them, but I am ridiculously impatient when I have a new idea and some new fabric to play with. Some stuff gets pre-washed, but sometimes I just can’t wait. It’s why I have so many different WIP’s, and why I don’t let anyone eat near my quilts anymore.

See you soon


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