Sophie’s Quilt


I’ve been taking a look at some of the pictures of my past projects that have accumulated. Here was the first quilt I made as a present for someone. I’m really nervous about the quality of my work so I had to really psyche myself up for this one.

Back in 2008 a very dear friend of mine told me she was expecting her first baby. I decided to have a go at a baby quilt to celebrate the happy news. A quick recce of high street mother and baby shops revealed that washed out browns beiges and creams seems to be the entire colour range. I was rather underwhelmed it has to be said. My friend also said she wasn’t a fan of the muted baby colours. She wanted a bright quilt and left the design totally up to me. I knew she had always loved giraffes. A quick trip to The Bramble Patch and I soon had a selection of bright, bold fabrics and animal scenes

Sophie's fabrics

I sent this photo to my friend. It was the only clue I gave her about what the quilt might look like – I know, so mean of me!

7 months later and the pile of fabric had become this…

Sophie's quilt

Ok, so it’s not a complicated quilt but I was really pleased with it. The animal scenes were all hand appliqued using satin stitch but the piecing and quilting was done by machine. As giraffes were my friend’s favourite animal I but that scene in the centre as a pieced square. I’m not sure that it worked particularly well but I wasn’t about the change it.

Alex 09 047

I wanted something that looked both random and rainbowy.

Alex 09 049

Soon after the quilt was finished Sophie was born. My goddaughter :). She’s now 4 1/2 years old. She’s about to start school and her mum and I are trying to arrange for her to come and stay with me for a few days. Looking back at this quilt now really brings home to me how quickly time flies. She far too big for a baby quilt now, but I hope she enjoyed it at the time.

Good luck at school Sophie!


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